Facebook Lead Ads Part Two: Optimizing Your Campaign

There you are, racking up your email captures and moving people down your sales funnel with Lead Ads. Go you!

Now that you have it launched, it’s time to refine and expand your Lead Ads effort. Here are my top tips for doing just that.

Create a Lookalike of Users Who Submitted Your Form

Just like with email lists or your web traffic, you can create a lookalike audience off users who gave you their email. Yeah, buddy!

You can also now get more specific about what exactly they did with your form, and you can specify which form…so don’t worry if you’re running multiple efforts. Heck, you can even treat it like an abandoned cart and target people who opened the form but didn’t submit it:

Retarget to Cross-Populate Your Lists

Maybe you have several different newsletters. If a user signed up for just one, why not hit them with an ad for one of your other one a few days later? This is easy to do, and as long as you aren’t all needy about it, can be highly effective. Here’s an example plan:


To accomplish the 3 day blackout period before hitting them with your retargeting, set up a Custom Audience for anyone who filled out and submitted Newsletter A’s form in the past 3 days, and then simply apply it as an excluded audience.

Now we’re retargeting for email collection without even needing to send one OR send people to the website…how futuristic!

I also highly recommend doing this for audiences who have interacted with your other posts but are not on your email lists.

Leverage Emails Acquired Other Ways

If you have other lists you want to grow that didn’t come from Lead Ads, no problem. You can do the above in a modified fashion for non-lead-form-captured email lists.

  1. Pull your List A and List B.
  2. Upload them as Custom Audiences.
  3. Proceed to cross-sell!

Note lead form related, but what the hell: You can also use re-engagement tactics. Let’s face it, we all are swimming in emails, and we skip opening them simply because sometimes we fall behind. Upload your non-openers to Facebook and promote your latest content to them to keep them engaged with your brand.

Experiment With Your Capture Form

This is another thing where so many managers set it and forget it, but it can make a huge difference. Only ask for what you truly need:

Test Your Images

It feels silly to even put this down as a rule, but do it.

I’m not sure if people just get lazier about lead ads because they don’t feel as crucial as ads focusing on sales, but I see ads collecting dust here. You also need to think about the images here a little differently: you are competing for some type of content consumption most likely, and people are FLOODED with that lately. The more stand-out images your can be, the better. Don’t get trapped into using the same old stock photos – having a sense of humor can also go a long way. People want top opt in to hear from PEOPLE, not something that sounds like a machine.

Just Keep Going!

You’ll probably be shocked by how low you can get your CPA with Lead Ads, but never give up on finding new ways to keep growing and driving down that cost! Over time, it will usually cost less than driving users to your site.

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