What Clients Say


“Susan is a fantastic paid consultant.

She quickly audited the health of our paid search and paid social programs, and then helped us increase the volume of healthy leads we generated, while reducing wasted spend.”

– Pete Lorenco, PathFactory

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know that what you taught us last month is already paying ridiculously big dividends! Like, *crazy* big! 

I so very much appreciate how patient and thorough you were in going over Facebook with us the way that you did.

I was kind of embarrassed to need so much help getting started, but you were supportive and helpful no matter how rudimentary my questions were. The result? By adding Lookalike audiences in Facebook the way that you taught me, I was able to cut my CPL by just over 50% on that campaign. That is NUTS.”

– Media Manager, Large Conglomerate Co

“When we needed outside validation for our SEM accounts, we immediately thought of Susan.

She came in, performed the audits, identified opportunities for improvement, and walked the team through what needed to be done, answering follow up questions as the team encountered them. The results of her recommendations more than paid for her services.”

– Rachel Heseltine, VP of Search Strategy at Trader Interactive

What Conference People Say

I speak at multiple conferences every year, and have since 2014. Here’s what it’s like for attendees.

“Susan expertly navigated the complexities of an evolving Google Ads platform at our Digital RVA conference, offering both high-level insights and actionable tactics.

Her ability to deliver engaging, practical guidance made her presentation invaluable to our audience.

Susan is a standout speaker, adept at blending strategic thinking, hands-on advice and FUN!”

– Andrew Miller, Workshop Digital

“Susan is a marketing force to be reckoned with.

As a fellow marketing speaker, I aspire to be as clever, witty, and intelligent as her.

She continually shows up to speak with helpful content that will help you make specific changes in your account, as well as ponder the reality of its broader philosophical implications.

If you’re wondering whether you should ask Susan to speak at your conference, the answer is “yes!””

-Kirk Williams, ZATO Marketing

“Susan is a true force in the marketing and paid search industry. I’ve admired her thought leadership for years, so seeing her speak at a recent conference was truly a privilege.

Beyond her expertise, what struck me most was her commitment to teaching. She effortlessly dissects complex topics and presents them as actionable steps.

If you’re looking for an industry leader who can inspire and equip you with practical strategies, look no further than Susan. Follow her work, attend her workshops – you won’t be disappointed.”

– Sarah Stemen, Agency Owner