Paid Media Audits

Let’s face it, someone accounts get stale.

Sometimes they’re run internally, and a different perspective is needed.

Or, unfortunately, there are agencies that leave clients feeling preeeetttyyyy sure something ain’t right.

Audits provide an unbiased third-party perspective your paid media efforts. While many agencies offer audits as a quick way to sell you coming on board with them, that is not how my audits operate.

They are designed to be a diagnostic document, chock full of education and opinions/ideas about what could be shifted to maximize performance. You will have a workable document with a blueprint that you or your current agency can follow.

Typically, paid media audits cover the following:

  • Account structure
  • Campaign types and settings enabled/not enabled
  • Keyword choices (for paid search)
  • Interest targeting (for Facebook)
  • Custom Audiences (for Facebook)
  • Ad copy
  • Landing page experience
  • Bidding mechanisms
  • Ad creative choices (for Facebook)
  • Geographical considerations
  • And more!

Audits typically wind up being about 20 pages per platform assessed. They include a kick-off call for me to understand the background of the account, challenges or specific things you would like really dug into, and any other relevant information about tracking or your business. Upon delivery, there is also a 1-2 hour call to walk through the entire audit together, giving you plenty of time to understand as deeply (or not) as you’d like, and answer any additional questions.

Prices start at $3,000 per audit and go up from there, depending on account size and number of platforms analyzed.