Services Offered

There are several ways I can help you get on track to knock your results out of the park.

Ongoing Media Management

Ready to get next-level with your media money? I’ll put my 13+ years of digital marketing experience to work for you to strategically manage your efforts across multiple platforms. Read more.

Paid Media Audits

Paid media can be a delicate balance across several platforms. Maximize the money spent with a holistic PPC plan, or get an audit of your existing efforts to take your results to the next level. Read more.

Facebook Ads

Harness the power of one of the best marketing platforms out there! My deep experience with Facebook Advertising will guide you through your offers, customer journeys, sales funnels, and of course, expertly-managed media buys.

Sales Funnels & Ongoing Nurturing

Smart media management is only half the battle. What strategies will nurture users into becoming fans? I will create strategic funnels in Facebook Ads, aligning your assets with the most powerful campaign types to bring users along the buying journey.

Once they have hit your site, then what? No worries. I will also work with you on strategic email capture and nurture sequences so all of that traffic doesn’t go to waste long-term.


Are you bullish on Facebook Messenger? Me too! We can create a chatbot strategy that will not only help close some sales, but also increase your communication channels with potential customers.


Want to get your hands dirty? Book a half or full day of training for you and/or your team, where I’ll take you through Facebook Ads soup-to-nuts. Training is tailored for your specific situation, so we don’t waste time on campaign types or strategies that you’ll never deal with.

PPC/AdWords & Bing Ads

The world of paid search has gotten much higher stakes in recent years. Skyrocketing costs have made it crucial you have a partner with experience and marketing savvy.