Case Studies

Wondering why my clients are so happy?

Here are some brief examples of what I’ve been able to provide for them!

Facebook Ads – Subscription-based company:

Prior to working with me, this client had hired someone in-house that struggled to get their CPA (cost per acquition) to their target of $30.

I assessed the data, kept what was working and re-worked the parts that were failing. After averaging a $50+ average CPA, I was able to drop that by by an average of 49% per week.

The best part? This allowed them to scale up – so we could spend more, drive volume, and keep growing at the lower rate.

Paid Search – Criminal defense law firm:

This firm was referred to me because they were frustrated with stagnant results. I was first hired to perform an audit, which uncovered a large amount of missed opportunities that I outlined for their team. When they were still implemented in a substandard way, I was subsequently hired to manage the account and fix the major problems.

Within a month of proper account structure, landing page testing and new ad copy, we were able to impact results significantly, which led to budget increases for the rest of the year:

Facebook Ads – Health product:

This client ran their ads internally, but were struggling to successfully scale their product on Facebook within their target CPA of $125. I overhauled their structure, implementing a funnel utilizing several different campaign types to drive results, resulting in a CPA drop of around 27%: